Charge Coupler

DC Charging Connector CHV-03 (Conforming to CHAdeMO 0.9 specifications)

DC Charging Connector CHV-03 (Conforming to CHAdeMO 0.9 specifications)
This model has finished production.
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Construction with Low Insertion Force

The lever provides a low insertion force effect, and engagement with the vehicle-side inlet is possible with little force.

Safe Construction with Electric Shock Prevention

Direct finger contact with the terminals is prevented.

Completely Independent Waterproof Construction

Circuit routing and waterproof design protect the circuits in the event of water entry.

A LED Lamp Lights during Charging

A LED lamp lights during charging, and charging start can be confirmed at the connector.

Connector Uncoupling Prevention Function

An electromagnetic lock prevents uncoupling during charges.

10,000 Cycles of Insertion and Removal are Possible

Excellent durability makes use for a long period possible.

Crush-resistant Construction

The connector does not break even when driven over by a vehicle of up to 2tons.

Drop Impact Resistance

The connector will not break even when dropped from a height of 1m.

Rated voltage 500V DC
Rated current 120A
Cabtyre cable POWER 2,  SIGNAL 7,  LED power supply 2
Ambient temperature -40° to +60°
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